viernes, diciembre 12, 2008

At last! :D

After being playing with iAtkos v5 for 3 days, and lots of failed attempts on Installs, i've made it to install the system without any painful kernel panic or endless wait till the OS starts :P.

so...first of all the Hardware I was playing with was:
Mother Board: Intel D946GZIS
Processor: Pentium D925
Video Card: Nvidia NX8600GT (doesnt matter for a basic install tho.. >_>).

And at the Custom Menu I Selected was:

-> iAtkos Main System.
-> Boot Loader:  Chameleon. (PC EFI V9 doesnt work for this hardware T_T)
-> Decrypters: AppleDecrypt
-> On the SMBIOS: check the SMBIOS-27 6th revision iMac, others just simply dont work
-> Kernel: you can check 9.5.0 or 9.2.0, vanilla sadly doesnt work T_T.
-> Check the Remove AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement
-> Check Disabler.kext
-> ACPI: x86 ACPI (cause I have a ps2 keyboard and mouse:P).
The other options, just uncheck them all.

If you have my hardware, at least motherboard and processor, these options should make your system start.

any suggestions, help needed, just post a comment. :D

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